The church must reject “donations” from known thieves, Says Sifuna

Orange Democratic Movement Secretary General Edwin Sifuna has joined in the much-hyped Church politics debate.

While quoting the Bible Sifuna explained why God does not accept everything given to Him by human’s.

“The Bible is clear that not all hands are allowed to build the Lord’s house. This is the reason God would not allow David to put up a temple for Him in Jerusalem. The Kenyan Church must follow this example and reject “donations” from known thieves. “

His remarks comes a time when the church leaders have barred politicians from attending church fundraising activities.

The church leaders raised concern about churches receiving money said to be proceeds of corruption and money laundering during fundraisers.

A few weeks ago the ODM Leader Raila Odinga claimed that DP Ruto’s gift to the pope was rejected since the money used was proceeds of corruption something that was later denied by Catholic Arch bishop Njue.

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