Samburu: Police Killed, People Abducted, Cattle Stolen! What Next?

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Cases of cattle rustlers killing people, abducting others, and stealing cattle in Samburu are becoming too common. During Easter, while you were having fun this is what Marti villagers in Samburu were going through.

On Tuesday evening A senior police officer was killed and three others seriously injured by armed cattle rustlers at Marti area in Samburu North sub-county.

Samburu County Police Commander Karanja Muiruri confirmed the incident saying that a police inspector who was murdered in the event, was leading officers in a recovery operation of livestock stolen at Suyian village.

He also revealed that the officers had successfully recovered a good number of cattle when they encountered the rustlers who killed one police officer instantly

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armed cattle rustlers

The rustlers had abducted Two children, a boy and a girl aged 10 and 11 years respectively at Suyian village on Monday and the police had saved them on Monday night.

“After rescuing the children on Monday, darkness struck and we had to suspend the operation until Tuesday afternoon after national police reservists traced footsteps of the suspected cattle rustlers to Charda area,” Karanja said.

“Unfortunately we lost one of our inspectors and we have three injured,” he said.

The injured are admitted at Samburu County Referral Hospital in Maralal town.

Paramedics help one of the police officers shot by cattle rustlers in Samburu North

The deceased’s body was taken to Samburu County Referral Hospital mortuary in Maralal

However, latest reports from the hospital say that the injured police officers have been attended to by doctors and are in stable condition.

Having such incidences happening more often in Samburu, should the government reinforce security in such areas?

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