Otile Brown in Trouble After Fan Accuses Him of Doing The Unthinkable…

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Otile has been gowing abroad lately. And there’s no doubt that he is one of the hottest prospects in the country.

He is loved and adored by many of his fans; who just happen to be a bevy of gorgeous women!

However, an observant fan took to social media to accuse Otile Brown of stage-managing his shows abroad, and the singer was not impressed.

By now it is no secret Otile is one of Kenya’s hottest properties when it comes to music and he has made enough strides to ensure he is also selling abroad.

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From Germany to Australia, the Baby Love hitmaker has been a busy man, touring the continents to promote his music.

However, there seems to be one oddity in Otile’s performances as he rarely shares snippets of his abroad performances.

The singer usually offers fans a glimpse of himself backstage, presumably after a performance.

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One of the singer’s ardent followers who noticed the trend actually took to Instagram to inquire whether he actually had performances or it was all for show (pun intended).

“How come we don’t see you posting these shows since you really got us hyped. We only see you appreciating fans while you are seated,” the fan commented. He only seems to post shows when he is in Kenya:

Surprisingly, a number of other fans also had the same thing in mind and they concurred that Otile had a suspicious trend.

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In a quick rejoinder, Otile Brown told off the fan, saying that a keen follower of his would have actually seen footage of some of his shows.

“I post all my shows on my storyline. You should know if you are truly a real fan,” he retorted.

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