Is Mr. Seed poaching Bahati’s former employees?

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The fall of Eastlands Most Beloved record label (EMB) called for immediate re-birth to make it work again.

EMB boss Bahati went ahead and signed the alleged ten-year contract to save the capsizing boat.

The rift between Bahati and his former employees was attributed to his ‘bossy’ nature and poor management of artists.

Bahati’s brother, Musyoka also left the label after it collapsed.

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Mr. Seed, Soki Rebecca, and David Wonder left the label earlier this year after intense air in EMB that they could not bear.

Seed went and formed his own record label dubbed Starbon music and has signed upcoming artists.

However, all was not lost in Bahati’s side as he has made up with his childhood friend, Weezdom.

Who has Mr. Seed sign in his record label so far?

His label has produced a new song called Yu mwema by Soki Rebecca and Aggie Mugeni. It will be remembered that Soki was Bahati’s first female artiste under EMB.

Producer Paulo also was under EMB and he is the one who produced the song.

Is Mr. Seed poaching Bahati’s ‘enemies’?

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