Controversy brews over Diamond’s son with Zari after cheating claims

Controversy has brewed over Diamond’s son with Zari Hassan after the claims that she cheated on Diamond during their relationship.

The rumours were ignited by Hamisa Mobetto’s friend Mange Kimambi who advised Zari to remain silent about the claims made by Diamond before he drops the real bombshell.

Mange Kimambi says that Mange Kimambi says that she noticed that in Diamond’s interview, he focused more on his daughter Tiffah and did not acknowledge Nillan.

Mange says she feels that the moment Diamond decides to spill their beans in regard to their son, Zari will have nowhere to hide.

Alafu mmenotice Dai anamuongelea Tiffah peke yake karibia interview nzima?? Yule Nillan wala hamu acknowledge. Mmmh!!! Mi naona kama Zari angepiga kimya asimjibu huyu mtu maana dogo asije funguka na ya Nillan hapa akakosa pa kujificha 😭😩 #Inafutwa She said in her post

Hamisa’s friend was weighing in over the revelations that Diamond made in the interview.

The remarks by Mange Kimambi might however be to tarnish Zari’s name and intensify the beef between them, there is also a possibility that she knows more than we do.

Diamond has been equally celebrating his children on social media especially during their birthdays and this observation that Diamond seems to give more attention to the daughter is new.

Kimambi however sounds confident and even went further to say that Zari does not deserve child support as much as Hamisa Mobetto does.

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