Why Kenyan women including Songbird Victoria Kimani don’t date broke men

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If they were the last men on earth, these women would probably still not date them.

Victoria Kimani and many Kenyan women share the same sentiments, whether forged from personal or secondary experience. They are choosing to stay woke and single over dating broke men and it is understandable to see why.

Kenyan singer and song writer, Victoria Kimani unapologetically disclosed that she is not ready to date a guy who doesn’t have cash.

Speaking on Upclose with Betty, the China Love singer talked about some of the qualities she looks for in a man and why her love life is ‘dead’.

“First of all you can’t be broke,” Victoria said.

“He needs to have swag and be successful”, she continued.

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Shock was written all over Victoria Kimani’s face when Betty asked if she would be with a man because of true love and not money. She laughed uncontrollably and said she wouldn’t date someone who is lazy and unambitious.

The very secretive songbird is rumoured to have dated Stanley Obiamulu, a Nigerian video producer and director who she parted ways with and has since kept a low love life profile.

“I’m not dating anyone. There’s someone I want to date, but you know, I don’t really think he wants to date me. I Think I go for the wrong kind of guys,” she said.

Victoria also talked her willingness to settle down and start her own family on condition that it’s with the right guy.

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“It really needs to be with the right person because my worst fear is being a single mom. I’d like my children to grow up with mom and dad in the home. So it’s something I’m willing to take my time on. I don’t want to rush and have someone’s baby and they don’t want to be with me, coz then I’ll go crazy. I’ll be the crazy baby mama,” she said.

The singer only highlighted publicly what many Kenyan women profess privately. The debate between love and money is one that is not ending any time soon, but more and more women are choosing money today. This could be over a number of social and economic factors.

Women aren’t obligated to date a man who is struggling. If we prefer someone who is more financially stable, that does not mean that we are heartless, gold-digging and superficial.  Granted, gold-diggers do exist, but every woman who does not desire to “struggle” with a man does not fit into that category. 

Here are some reasons why dating a broke man is unthinkable to today’s woman. 

1.He will suck you dry

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Being independent and living with a broke man under the same roof, will make sure he leaves you bankrupt. He will borrow money and spend it with some low life girls somewhere else.

2.A man who does not contribute financially is handicapped

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If he cannot handle the bills then what of use is he?

3. A broke man is a lazy man

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Your broke boyfriend will expect you spend 8 good hours in a job you love so much and still wait for you to come home do his laundry, cook supper, wash the kids and work you all night while all he does is lie around.

4. Once he gets some, he will get some

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Ladies beware if you date this type of guy because as soon as he starts smelling his own cheque, he will either cheat on you with another woman or leave and get married to another from his hometown.

5. He will never step up

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A broke man is always comfortable at his current situation, he is never quick to look for a job because he knows that you are there to settle everything.

6. It is 100% nonsense

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Taking care of a man who cannot take care of himself is unheard of. Since creation, it a man’s job to take care of the woman and not vice-versa.

7. A broke man lacks purpose and motivation

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A man who is not earning lacks purpose and motivation to achieve his own. A man who works has a drive and a passion that broke man does have because he does not understand the pride that comes with earning a salary. 

While complaining about women leaving you because of lack of financial security can be sad, maybe try fixing the situation before approaching a lady? Or better yet, date women you can afford, living within your means and whatnot.

A woman isn’t always disinterested in you because of your pay grade. Sometimes she just isn’t interested and men need to remember this. Instead of finding reasons to discount yourself or calling her greedy, fake and/or selfish, it’s always easier to move along and find someone who appreciates you as you are.

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