How To Land Good Clients For Personal Training

There are some businesses in Kenya which are ignored, only few venture into them but ironically such businesses achieve higher returns.

Personal training is one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya today.


More people are aiming at living healthy lifestyles by keeping fit and losing unnecessary weight. Despite all these changes, personal trainers in Kenya are still finding it hard to get more clients. Below are some few tips that a personal trainer Kenya can use to attract exercisers.

Give your best


To get more personal training clients, you must give the best services. Ensure that your clients are happy and satisfied all the time they visit your gym. Help them to reach their goals by addressing their concerns. Happy customers will become loyal to the extent of informing others about your services. With time, your personal training clients list will grow.

Request for referrals

Winne Atieno works out at CrossFit Kwetu Gym in Gigiri, Nairobi. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA | NMG

The success of a personal training business in Kenya relies on how well you advertise your services. A good way to do it is to ask for referrals from your loyal customers, friends and family. If a client tags along their friend, give them a gift or a free session. When a new client is referred to you, give them quality services so that they can come back.

Educate people about fitness

Several people want to exercise nowadays. However, there is so much information about fitness on the internet that confuses them. To attract such confused individuals, provide information about fitness and nutrition. Clear their doubts and worries by providing written content, guides and videos on social media platforms. By doing this consistently, clients will create trust in you and will want you to be their personal trainer.

Engage with clients on social media platforms

Facebook and Instagram are very good platforms for getting personal training clients in Kenya. If you want to grow the number of your clients, engage your followers. Your followers like your page because they know that fitness is great for their health. As such, ensure to give them fitness and wellness tips regularly. Create live discussions whereby you answer their queries. Ask them simple fitness questions and give free sessions or incentives to people who answer correctly. Your social media platforms must remain active all the time.

Effective use of Gym machines in Kenya

Post customer testimonials

Another important way to grow your personal training clients is by posting customer testimonials. Encourage your clients to capture different phases of their fitness journey. You can then ask them to post their progress and testimonials on your online platforms. Other people will want to have such progress and will want to train with you.

Sign up with the Fitviu App

The Fitviu App is an on-demand platform that allows clients to request personal trainers anywhere and anytime in Kenya. Once you sign up with us, you can manage your services and clients from Fitviu provider app. We give you the flexibility to work on your time and the marketing power to reach new clients in your area.

We work to connect you with users and give you the ability to personalize your profile for a brand that suits you. The app also has features that enable you to generate business leads and communicate with your new client base.

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