Election fever grip Wajir West as Jubilee Marries ODM to face off KANU in mini poll

The Wajir West Constituency upcoming by-election is a two-horse race pitting Jubilee candidate Mohamed Kolosh against Kanu’s Ibrahim Sheikh.

ODM’s Prof Yusuf Elmi, dropped out of the race last week.In a deal between ODM and Jubilee, Elmi withdrew in favour of Kolosh after what the two parties referred to as high level consultations.

But addressing his supporters yesterday, the Kanu candidate laughed off the Jubilee-ODM alliance as inconsequential, saying he will win the April 25 vote.

“They needed a better strategy. On this, they hammered out a deal but moved into it alone. They have not moved with the people,” he said.

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The Kanu candidate said clannism will not be a deciding factor in the Thursday mini-poll. 

“What Wajir West constituents are yearning for is change and nothing else. They have suffered for long in the hands of ‘meal card’ politicians,” he said.

Last week, President Uhuru Kenyatta and National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale received Kolosh at State House and exuded confidence that Jubilee will bag the seat.

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“Jubilee will win. The region is tired of empty rhetoric,” Mr Duale said.

Residents disclosed that this time round they will not be swayed by clannism.

Kolosh and Elmi’s Degodia clan is the majority followed by Sheikh’s Aljuran. The seat fell vacant following a successful petition by Sheikh at the Supreme Court.

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