Guidelines To A Successful Game Night

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Holiday doesn’t neccessarily mean you have to go out to have fun. You can stay in and have fun, please I am not talking about napping, neither am I talking about social media, I’m talking abiut real fun.

You can send you day with bae and invite friends over for game night, most people are at home in the evening, right? So how do you achieve a memorable experience in game night? Remember it’s not a night to booze….

Game choices

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Depending on the number of people you are planning on having over and how long you want the fun to last – have enough games. Essentially, game nights are supposed to revolve around one game but that can get a bit dull and boring.

For example, if you’re hosting a Monopoly night the first and second rounds of the game can be intense and exciting, but your players may not be interested in a third or fourth round. Therefore, have more/back-up games such as a deck of cards for various card/poker games and classic board games like Ludo.

Also, make sure the rules to your games are balanced – interesting enough that it’s challenging but easy enough to go along with.

Food and Drink

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Part of the entertainment and fun is the communal sharing. Having food and drink(s) for your guests is essential for a successful game night. Whether it’s finger food, a simple meal, ordering in or throwing down a full African buffet (because why not?), have enough for all your guests.

Be mindful of tastes and preferences; in terms of allergies, vegan/vegetarian preferences and alcoholic drinks (if you are serving any).

If you’re going to serve alcohol, be mindful of those who do not drink. The whole point is to make people feel as comfortable as possible, so don’t leave anyone out.


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Although it is constantly overlooked, music is essential for mood and ambience. Having a great playlist will go a long way in making your night relaxing and entertaining and it is also the perfect opportunity to show off your great music taste.

If you are at a loss on what music to play there are great playlist selections on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube depending on the mood you’d like to set for the evening, (upbeat, relaxed or sombre).


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Invite enough people for your game night.

Having too many people and not enough games may be fatal for your game night. Similarly, not having enough people for your particular game may be equally as tragic.

If your main focus is the eight-player game of Monopoly then have at least six people playing and not more than eight. This increases the difficulty of the game and makes it more interesting and exciting.


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How long is the game night supposed to last?

Considering this will influence your game selection. If you’re having people over for just 4 hours then have game(s) that will last equally as long but also allowing time for conversation and to share a meal. Granted people do get carried away and may leave a game pending or completely abandon it, but have that rather than an all-night game night and not enough games for your guests.

Hosting a perfect game night is not impossible but plan ahead.

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