EXPOSED! Weezdom reveals his darkest secret

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The ‘Wabebe’ hitmaker, Weezdom, had a struggling life as he was growing up. He was raised by his grandparents and they lived at Huruma. He attended his primary school at Huruma and later went to Machakos county for his secondary school level.

Unfortunately, he dropped out of school due to lack of school fees and ended up joining Kariobangi day school. He was uncomfortable because he would sleep on the sofa at his grandfathers home since he was not the only kid there.

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His growth in height limited him from being comfortable on the sofa. He later made up his mind and left to rent a house where he would pay a rent of sh. 350. He would save the small amount given by his grand father to meet the rent cost.

He was later locked out of his house after the rent cost became too much for him. Shying from going back home, he joined his friend, Karanja, who also became tired of hosting him.

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Karanja offered him a job which he was to be committed to after school at 5:00 pm at a payment of sh. 100. This enabled Weezdom to meet his own rent. The new job was not comfortable for him since it involved bhang supply. With time, he also started using it and became addicted.

Due to many customers, he would skip classes. His addiction became so severe that he would use 5-6 rolls of bhang per day. He got used to his new life and would be in and out of prison after he became involved in robbery too.

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Weezdom would go for 90 days without taking a bath and his life was wasting away since he would also not eat. All he depended on was drugs. His reformation came when one of his friends was burnt dead by the mob after he was caught robbing pedestrians. It was their norm, robbing pedestrians early in the morning between 4:00 and 5:00 am.

When his grandfather received the news that Weezdom had joined a gang and that some of them had already been killed, he followed him to his house with the aim of taking him back to the upcountry.

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On seeing his grandfather, Weezdom surrendered all his drugs and swore to change for the best if he was to live again. He was taken to Smile again rehabilitation center at South B where he was transformed.

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