Why Sonko has not paid Elachi since ouster

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Ousted Nairobi County Assembly speaker has not been paid since her impeachment in September last year, it has emerged.

While lamenting about her situation, Elachi has accused the Sonko’s administration of contravening a court order that directed she be paid.

“The court directed I should be paid, but they have been defiant, my insurance cover has not been paid and I fuel my car from my pocket,’’ she was quoted by People Daily

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Elachi said employees who fall under her office have not received their pay too.

Following the impeachment, the concerned parties have engaged in endless court battles, with the assembly failing to honour court decisions ranging from allowing Elachi access the Speaker’s office to paying her.

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But Waithaka MCA Anthony Kiragu accused Elachi of conflict of conflict of interest, undermining the authority of the County Assembly Service Board, abuse of office, gross misconduct as well as failure to show leadership.

The members accused Elachi of interference by threatening and bullying staff to award a tender for the Speaker’s house to her close allies. They said the house was valued at Sh100 million, but she quoted Sh125 million.

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She is also accused spending public funds on a visit to Dubai, UAE, to ostensibly receive “a fake honorary doctorate degree from the ‘London Graduate School’, which is affiliated to a ‘Commonwealth University’, a university suspiciously registered in Belize, a tiny country in central America, and run from Nigeria.

Here, Ms Elachi is alleged to have paid a sum of Sh550,000 of taxpayers’ monies, as part of a suspicious “Dubai Leadership Summit,” knowing fully aware the costly and fake degree was a ploy by “Nigerian fraudsters in what are commonly known as 419 scams”.

They also accused the Speaker of undermining the authority of the county service board by solely inviting investigators to probe alleged irregularities in procurement matters, which, the assembly said was a function of the board and not an individual’s decision, allegations Elachi rubbished as propaganda.

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With the petition she presented before Milimani Labour Relations court set for determination on April 26 Elachi said she would go by the court order.

“Our assemblies don’t follow simple court directives. If the court rules in my favour, I’ll go back, if they are not satisfied, they will impeach me again,” she said.

During her ouster, Nairobi City hall was in chaos after several MCAs stormed into her office trying to force her out of office.

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