MAIN CHICK OR NAH? What type of Kenyan Side-Dish are You?

Whether you like side chicks or not they exist and there are different types.

This is the girl who warms your bae’s bed when you’re not there. Apparently they spice a man’s life up especially because most of them know that they are the side dish. The thing is, side chicks are very intentional in what they are doing, they either love your man or they are ripping fruits like money from your man.

She is the one who gives your bae a break from all your demands and most of the times she knows everything about you. The type of side chick your man has will determine a lot in your already broken relationship.

1. The one who is there to get your bae

This one probably knew about you from the beginning but now she has a strategy. Her strategy is to make him forget you and make him love her. She may have just been a woman who was being used for sex but now because of her, your man may be thinking of leaving you. If he is acting funny because of another woman then I would strongly suggest you walk out of that relationship or marriage.

alpha female
2. The one who is using your man until she gets something better

This one is a passerby the only problem is that your man may get hooked because he will keep chasing her. She is addictive because she is not desperate, as a matter of fact, she doesn’t like being stressed she is only there for companionship, money and dates.

alpha female
3. The sad woman who is happy ruining people’s relationships

She simply has psychological issues because of her broken past. She probably has a baby or she has come out from a long-term relationship which damaged her. Either way, she is happy ruining relationships simply for her thrill, she is evil but just remember she is a hurt, broken woman.

make him respect you
4. The gold digger

The most common type is this one. Probably your man is a sponsor, he dishes money to her for whatever she needs and this is why she is hooked. She loves him for his money even if he may be ugly as an old shoe.

 gold digger
5. The one who believes if she is number two she will not be cheated on.

This side chick thinks that by being number two the man she is with will not have any room to cheat on anyone else. The stupid reasoning behind this is because she never understands where he would get time to be with another woman if he is not with his main or with her. But we all know if someone wants to cheat they will always find the time.

6. The cheap type who is willing to be a booty call.

She is simply cheap and is willing to be called at whatever time. This one is probably struggling with self-worth and a taken man and probably have a lot of crazy sex because their relationship is based on lust.

7. The sad one who doesn’t know. 

This poor thing thinks she is the main girl because the man has serious skills. Skills to be in several relationships have serious passwords and still keep his women happy.

Most women know that they are side chicks which I find really sad. No one should ever accept a position which is not glorified and is hidden 24/7. Also breaking homes and going after someone’s man is totally not worth it.

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