Lawyer Assa Nyakundi Throws in the Towel, Lose Will to Live

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The woes surrounding Top Criminal Lawyer Assa Nyakundi are way far from over. The legal expert who has been in hospital for over a month now finally came face to face with reality after his alleged accidental shooting and constant murder of his biological son.

Nyakundi is currently under tight security at the Nairobi hospital with every visitor put under screening before they can be allowed to see him. This the police say is for Security Purposes.

The lawyer has a huge mountain to climb with grave matters already on his shoulder following the unfortunate incident that befell him and his family.

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Well, no parent would wish to loose their Children in the manner Nyakundi lost his son and with that in mind, it remains to be seen how the Lawyer will pull through this trying moment.

He seems to have even given up on life and is apparently ready for anything that will come his way.

Nyakundi has admitted that he has never been to Prison but even if he were to end up there, it will not be worse than loosing his son in the way he did.

“I have never been to a police cell, but if they take me to prison it will not be worse than losing my son in the way it happened,”.

“There is nothing more to lose at this point. I have lost everything.”

Monday saw detectives in-charge of Nyakundi’s case hand over his medical Report to Court as ordered 12 days ago by Makadara Senior Principal Magistrate Angelo Kithinji.

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Police have also been able to finally record Nyakundi’s statement on the events surrounding the death of his son.

Should the Police find out that he is fit to stand trial and with a case to answer, Nyakundi will have a date with the Courts, this time not as a Lawyer but as a suspect.

“If it turns out there will be a trial, I will defend myself and my lawyers will do their bit because it was an accident. Nothing can change that,” he said.

Nyakundi’s son was buried in a low-key ceremony at Lang’ata Cemetery in Nairobi.

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