How to Start a Business in Kenya with under 20k

business ideas for under 10k

Most people want to start businesses but not everyone feels fortunate enough.

When you want to start a business, you need money but it doesn’t always have to be a lot of money. Sometimes all you need is a simple start and these business ideas for under 20k will probably give you a great head start. The first thing you need to stop doing is procrastinating, have sheer determination to do well and be ready to invest time and energy into whatever you choose to do.

1. Selling mitumba online 

You can get clothes from Gikomba or Toi for a cheap price and sell them online. Make sure you get things that are unique and things that not everyone is already doing, for example getting household decor such as curtains would do very well since people will always need curtains and household decorations.

business ideas for under 20k in Kenya
2. Poultry business

You can rear chicken for selling, invest in a poultry business because the money you get back can be a lot more than you expected. The chicken industry has different areas and you need to define which part you want to venture into before starting. For instance, would you want to sell the broilers or produce eggs?

3. Invest in agribusiness

People will always need food so the best industry to invest in is the agribusiness. There are a lot of farm products you can sell it could either be vegetables, milk or chicken, you can also get a lease at a cheap price and grow your own food for selling.

business ideas for under 30k in Kenya
4. Teach something you’re good at 

If you have many talents you should invest in one, if you’re good at cooking you should offer services for cooking or teaching or music. Find something you’re good at and turn it into money, furthermore you will enjoy it.

business ideas under 20k in Kenya
5. Sell baby items

People will always have babies, get products from wholesalers and all you need is about 5k or 10k, you can either get a stall for selling or use your social media for selling.

business ideas under 20k in Kenya
6. Start selling healthy smoothies 

All you need is a blender and cute bottles for selling. Once you buy a blender, learn interesting recipes and start a healthy online market, you can start by selling to your relatives, friends and the people around you for feedback.

Business ideas for under 20k
7. Be a wedding planner/organizer 

There are people who are really good at organizing events and planning other people’s lives. All you need is a poster that can advertise your services, post it online and boost it for a small amount to reach out to many people. You can also offer to organize people’s documents, clothes or offices and become a professional organizer.

business ideas for under 20k

Everything just needs a leap of faith and strategy. You need to be able to plan yourself, you’re lucky enough that there’s an online community that is willing to buy stuff easily. Learn to use social media to boost your businesses and it can be your side hustle in the beginning and later on your main.

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