City lawyer Stephen Gitonga exposed as a sexual predator

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A Nairobi Lawyer, Stephen Gitonga of Gitonga Mureithi and Co. Advocates has been accused of sleeping with his divorcing clients.

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Professional misconduct within the profession has become a serious crisis, exposing the LSK’s negligence when it comes to such cases. LSK is the premier bar association and legal development agency in Kenya. Its core mandate is to protect and help the public in legal matters. The LSK has played a key role in legal and socio-economic development.

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A few days ago, Criminal Lawyer Assa Nyakundi shot dead his son after he busted him having sex with his younger wife in a car. So connected is the lawyer that he has managed to now live in the Nairobi Hospital private wing, being massaged despite committing a serious crime.

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Stephen Gitonga, who specializes in divorce and child maintenance cases is a regular bribe giving a person, in various courts. Eyebrows have always been raised as to why he seems to represent only women.

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Further reports indicate that the victims that he has blackmailed by sleeping with them and promising immersing victory have threatened to come out and expose him for what he is.

It is said, that the lawyer targets high profile women that want to divorce and make huge money out of it. He then asks for sex in return, but as fate would have it, many cases never succeed hence why some want to expose him.

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