Njugush launch his campaign poster for presidency

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Always trust Kenyan funny man Timothy ‘Njugush’ Kimani to tickle your funny bone.

The father of one on Monday launched a hilarious campaign poster for the presidency, viewed by some as a subtle shot at Kenyan politicians.

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Donning an ill-fitting suit with no socks, Njugush urged Kenyans to vote for him at their own peril.

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“Just a reminder. Nitakua kwa Debe! Tupa kura yako na mimi,” he stated.

“Kura yako shida yako,” the poster declared.

In what he termed as his ‘money-feasto’, the comedian gave four reasons why Kenyans should vote for him.

“I am a joker, (I) won’t really deliver, you will vote for me anyway, I don’t keep promises, I keep debts,” the poster read.

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In his typical humorous fashion, Njugush’s vision for the nation according to the poster is to be ‘rais kama mchele.’

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