[VIDEO] Uproar as Tanga Tanga MP Forces Wananchi to do the Unthinkable

There is a lot of similarities among William Ruto’s die-hard supporters, popularly known as Tanga Tanga team.

The Oscar Sudis, Cate Warugurus, Kimani Ichungwas and Ndindi Nyoros of this world all have one thing in common; an acid tongue.

These guys spit venom like they are producing it in surplus somewhere in Sugoi. Palipo na Tanga Tanga, hapakosi matusi.

But one Tanga Tanga member has gone a step further and tried to slave his constituents. I am talking about controversial Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa.

On Friday, the legislator forced his constituents to carry him on his back as he arrived for a function in Kimilili town. To make the matters worse, Didmus recorded the whole drama and posted this crap on his social media pages.

Didmus asked Kenyans not to underestimate his popularity and capability to force people to carry him on his shoulders.

Juakali traders in Kimilili market were complaining about their stalls being demolished by the county government of Bungoma but instead of the area MP addressing their complaints, he went to show his popularity.

Apart from insulting Raila and going to Sugoi every weekend, Didmus Barasa has never done anything significant since being elected.

Last month, the MP was sued for failing to pay a sh. 4.7 million bank loan.

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