Enock Bella speaks on working with Kenya’s finest Wyre

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Tanzanian Singer Enock Bella has praised Kenya’s finnest Wyre following the release of their collabo dubbed ‘Tamu’

Enock says that he loves how Wyre delivered and did his best to make their song a hit. He also added that he is a great fan of Wyre and he never expected him to add that much flavour to his song.

The Tanzanian artist says that Wyre went beyond what he expected and he was impressed by the outcome of the collabo.

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Enock mentioned that his only fear was on whether Wyre would adjust to his genre of music knowing so well that bongo flavour and dancehall music have a huge difference.

The Singer says that they had to agree on the genre they want to work on and the fact that he is flexible, he decided to incline to dancehall music.

On whether he plans on other collabos with Kenyan artists, Enock says that he is open for collabos and has always been passionate about the unity of East African artists.

Apart from music, Enock Bella is also a dancer and said that in the future he would like work with young dancers and give them the opportunity to travel for concerts with him.

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