LADIES! Watch out for these signs of a Community Husband

Is your man in multiple relationships?

Well if your man is in multiple relationships, chances are you’re mostly confused most of the times. You’re never really sure about this kind of guy because he makes you feel like you don’t have him entirely. He is the “now you see me, now you don’t type” and that probably drives you crazy. There are different types of cheats and the ones in multiple relationships are the worst, here’s how to spot one.

1. He is never fully available

You meet when he wants to meet because he is never sure of when you can actually meet. He will give you answers like “maybe” or “we will talk in the course of the day” he simply can never commit to a certain day and he has no good reason because you’re in the same county, you know his house but suddenly making time for you is a problem.

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2. He doesn’t care so much about sex even after not seeing you for a while

Men usually love sex, they get horny a lot and they can’t even hide it. So you imagine, if a man doesn’t have any sexual interest in you? Then what exactly is meant to happen? He hasn’t seen you in a while but when he finally does all he wants to do is sleep and nod to a few things you say at times. After a day or two he will be back to his usual self and you will forget that he had dismissed you.

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3. He disappears a lot!

I mean he goes off the radar completely and his phone might be off or he will just ignore your calls altogether. When he is back online, he will give you shady excuses like he was asleep or he was too busy yet you know he usually doesn’t mind picking your calls even in the middle of the night. When he disappears he doesn’t want to give good reason to why he went MIA, watch out, you are not alone.

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4. He tries to create arguments with you after having such a great time

Wondering why all of a sudden he likes creating arguments and being cold towards you? It is because, in the middle of dating different women he needs to be undisturbed when he is with his other woman. He will create a petty argument from things that happened in the past and start talking about your ex and you wonder where that came from. This is simply because he wants you to lay off.

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5. He is very sneaky with his phone calls

He changes his tone of voice when he is talking to women he likes or women he owes an explanation to. He will probably lower his voice, walk away and sometimes you can even hear him arguing with someone else while other times he may be trying to console her, those are your co-wives boo. Don’t also forget his phone is a strong no go zone!

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6. You have found female clothes in his house a couple of times

He has had some female clothes in his house and there has been no good reason for that. He will say they are his sister’s clothes, his friends girlfriend’s left them or he now sells clothes, nevertheless he will not tell you the truth. Another woman’s clothes should not be in your partner’s house, simple as that!

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7. He hides your clothes and he will give a lame excuse for doing so

Has ever forgotten to bring your clothes out? He was hiding them and while you were there they were literally everywhere? Now, there’s no trace of you so why and for who was he hiding your clothes?

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8. You’ve caught him in his own lie a few times

Yeah, not a few times but a couple of times actually too many times. He lies about his whereabouts, about where his phone was and why he went MIA. He will say he is sick when he is not, he will always be convincing but if you know him well you know he is lying even if at other times you just choose to ignore.

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The other major sign is your gut instinct, you know it in your heart and mind that you’re not the only one. A man in different relationships is committed to different women which should leave you wondering if he even loves you at all?

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