Lava Lava speaks on Mbosso outshining his music game

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Wasafi artist Lava Lava has reacted to claims that Mbosso is outshining his music game.

Lava Lava was signed right before Mbosso and within a short time, Mbosso rose to fame and his music earned popularity across the globe.

The ‘go gaga’ hitmaker says that music is all about grace and it also depends on God’s plan.

Lava Lava added that some people will always have a smooth ride and quickly shoot to their destiny whereas others will be forced to struggle to get there.

In regard to how he feels about Mbosso outshining him, Lava Lava said that he understands that Mbosso has had a rough past and maybe that is God’s way of showing him that he has greater success ahead.

He also believes that at the end of the day, what matters is that God ensure that they all reach their destinies.

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On fans saying that Mbosso is his big competition now, Lava Lava seemingly agreed saying that even before fans raising that as a ‘concern’ the Wasafi team has always been competing both internally and in the external music space.

“We have all been in constant competition always…” he said to Wasafi Media

Lava Lava is however not doing badly in the music industry and his songs have also been well received by his fans.

The Singer is popular for his songs Tuachane, Go Gaga,  niuwe among others

Have a look at his full interview

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