How to tell your lover with zero fashion sense to style up

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Have you ever witnessed freaking traits about your lovers way of grooming?

In case of such, Do you simply hit the nail on the head or coil back?

Dealing with such scenarios tend to be tricky among most lovers.

However, do not be worried.

According to a marriage expert known as Uncle Ted there is nothing wrong with telling your lover to style up.

Ted was responding to a question by a fan known as *Miriam.

Miriam had a feeling she would hurt her lover if she tells him to style up.

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“My problem with him is that he is just fwaa. He has he the worst taste for clothes, but even them, his body frame is such he always looks like he has slept in his clothes. Worst, I can’t stand his underwear. Who still wears cheap ‘Y’ fronts in this time and age? Do you think he will be hurt if I tell him to style up?” narrated Miriam.

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This is what the expert said,

“You can even buy him nice clad, throw a few designer magazines around the house and push him into the gym so that he can work that shapeless body of his into a sculptured s3xy dude.”

No matter how your boyfriend dresses up, he’s just being himself and you should appreciate him for who he is not for how he dresses up.

You should respect his sense of individuality.

However, if his sense of dressing is somehow beyond social norms or really unacceptable (this sounds hilarious to me even when I am saying it), gift him the type of clothes you find appropriate (well, if your dressing sense is really that good.

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