Singer Vivian Opens up on Dealing with Self Rejection

Kenyan Female artiste Vivian has today opened up about dealing with self-rejection and the things of the past.

Vivian stated that she has been in a vulnerable space  where she is dealing with  negative and irregular emotions like disappointment and rejection.

She also revealed that sometimes such emotions are not even triggered by the people around us like in her case the trigger is her past, upbringing, experiences and disappointment from her life and the things that she has done before.

The Singer says that this self rejection has been putting her down for a while and she had to speak up and reach out to other people who might be going through a similar situation.

Vivian also added that sometimes battling such feelings is a sign to reconcile with everything you have ever done or ever been.

She also added that some of the things that people go through keep accumulating over the years and what is important is to deal with the emotions once they strike.

“It is important to deal with these feelings rather than expect that they will disappear they wont” she said

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Despite this low moment, Vivian says that she has people around her who are helping her through the process.

Vivian revealed that the reason why she shared is so that other people who are dealing with the same will not feel alone.

Here is her full video

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