What you didn’t know about First Female UoN Student Boss

The University of Nairobi has had its first ever Female Student Leader since the institution became independent from The University of East Africa in 1970!

Ms Ann Mwangi Mvurya also happens to be the youngest student leader in the country at just 20!

But how did the beauty delve into the murky waters which is politics?

Ann Mwangi (directly facing the camera)

At an earlier interview with a popular radio station, the young Ann divulged that she started her political game way before she knew it could take her to the highest of student leadership in East and Central Africa,

She said she was a Head-Girl in Primary school, then she later became the Head-Girl at Bahati Girls!

When she joined The University of Nairobi, the perspicacious lass quickly got her feet wet in readiness for the highest seat in student politics.

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While the last-born girl from a family of two insists that being the last-born and being closer to her father hugely impacted her political aspirations, she must have done the hard work alone.

Full aware of how abrasive, contentious and violent campus politics could get, Ann took the dive, and had only two options. Either sink or swim. She chose the latter.

Quickly climbing through the ranks, Ann made alliances and formed a formidable relationship with the female comrades.

This relationship was to later blossom into a movement which roped in the men-folk in the university, and the result was a larger-than-life female UoN student boss the institution has ever had!


Speaking immediately after taking the mantle of the biggest University, Ms Ann said :

“I am happy to be part of this transformation that is taking place at the University of Nairobi.”

Ann Mwangi garnered a total of 24 votes, way ahead of her weakling competitors Samuel Ayoma and Ertiman Oile who came a distant second and third by bagging a paltry 8 and 4 votes respectively.

New Voting System

This is the second time the University is conducting an election based on a Law signed by President Kenyatta in 2016.

In the University Amendment Act of 2016, the students association is to be governed by a student council comprising a chairperson and a vice chairperson who must be of the opposite gender, a treasurer, a secretary-general, and three other members to represent special interests of students.

Similarly, those elected in leadership positions must reflect national diversity and the council cannot have more than two-thirds of its members being of the same gender.

Electoral College System

In the new system, the student association shall constitute itself into electoral colleges based on either academic departments, schools or faculties.

β€œThe students of each electoral college constituted under subsection (1c) shall elect three representatives from amongst persons who are not candidates under subsection (1a); and of whom not more than two-thirds shall be of the same gender.

“The representatives of each electoral college shall elect the members of the Student Council within 30 days of the election under subsection (1d),” the Act reads in part.


University of Nairobi’s Vice Chancellor Prof Peter Mbithi led in congratulating the young Ann for beating all odds to rise to the highest student office in the land.

In his tweet, the Professor whose immediate predecessor is the current Cabinet Secretary for Education said:

She replaces Mr Antony Manyara who has been the student leader since 2018.

Ann will serve the students for a total of one year, but she has the option of running again since she is only 20, and a third-year student!

But did you notice everything in her resembles Kirinyaga Governor, Ann Waiguru? Only time will tell.

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