Pastor Ng’ang’a goes shopping few hours after Arrest Claim

Controversial Nairobi televangelist James Ng’ang’a has laughed off rumours of his arrest and detention in police cell terming them mere witchhunt.

In a viral video, the controversial man of God also denied ever being implicated any con game in which he reportedly defrauded unidentified tycoon of KSh 5.5 million.

Ng’ang’a who ministers at his Neno Evangelism Church lashed out at local media outlets for ‘misleading reporting and obsession with his persona.’

The man of God further confirmed he was well and that he just stepped out to do some small shopping for the family upon which he was trending all for the wrong reason yet again.

“I am wondering, I read reports on social media to the effect that I was arrested for conning someone KSh 5.5 million. You TV people why are you killing yourself with me? You feel very sweet mentioning my name. My friend, don’t try this. I am not in police cell. What is KSh 5.5 million? he said.

It was reported that the cleric was picked and locked up at Nairobi Central Police where he apparently spent the cold night.

He was recently arraigned at a Nairobi court for threatening Citizen TV journalist Linus Kaikai with unspecified consequences.

This is after Kaikai proposed the government should reign in on the million-dollar Gospel industry, which he claimed had turned their flock into paupers through tithing and donations.

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