Shock as woman publicly pee’s in the middle of a bank (video)

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When nature calls, you got to do what you have to.

Customers at a bank got more than they bargained for on what initially seemed like a normal South African day. One irate client decided enough was enough and relieved herself in the middle of the bank’s hallway.

In a Facebook video, the impatient woman was seen standing then squatting to do her business.

It is understood that the lady waited for nearly an hour for staff to unlock the toilet for her.

She grew weary and decided to take matters into her own hands and ‘deposited’ it on the floor. Other clients waiting to be served watched in horror as they received a service they had not even asked for.

The lady who did not appear to be embarrassed or shaken for a moment spoke as she went about her business and held tightly onto her skirt. No one dared to approach the daring woman or even reprimand her for her disgusting actions.

We are guessing this bank will soon lose its clients thanks to the weird freak show they were treated to. What a deposit! Lol!

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