Shebesh slaps Ndindi Nyoro on the face

Public Service, Youths and Gender chief administrative secretary Rachael Shebesh has condemned Kiharu MP Ndidi Nyoro over his plot to trim DPP, DCI’s powers.

According to Shebesh, It is akin to killing a generation.

The CAS said proposed Anti-Corruption Laws (Amendment) Bill, by Ndindi Nyoro, will only result in more Kenyan youths and women joining terror groups because of poverty.

She said toothless Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Director of Public Prosecutions will mean corrupt government officers will milk the country dry.

“Once impoverished, our youth and women will be vulnerable and easily lured into joining al Shabaab and other terror groups,” she said.

Shebesh spoke at a forum on the role of women leadership in preventing and countering violent extremism in Mombasa on Tuesday.

The forum, organised by Coast Education Centre (COEC), heard that women and youth are increasingly becoming victims of violent extremism but their cry for help is not heard.

COEC executive director Halima Mohamed said women shy away from speaking out yet they are increasingly targeted by terror groups recruiters.

“We have so many we have rescued but where to keep them safe is a challenge,” said Halima and linked violent extremism to corruption-generated poverty.

Shebesh urged women to support the fight against crime to safeguard their fellow women and youth.

“If you hear someone saying powers of the DCI should be reduced, that person wants your children to join al Shabaab and die. Simple as that.”

The CAS said a strong DCI is the beginning of dealing with violent extremism.

“If we don’t have a professional, powerful and well-resourced Office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, then there is no work we are doing here,” she said.

MP Nyoro’s proposed bill deals a blow to the DCI in graft-related investigations and clips the powers of the DPP, restricting him only to the prosecution of criminal cases.

Should the Bill be passed and assented to by the President, investigations of all corruption cases will fall squarely on the EACC.

Shebesh said the Interior ministry should not relent on the war against graft. It should  also deal decisively with recruiters of people into violent extremism.

“You must look for those who incite our children. They are known. Go for them wherever they are, even in places of worship,” she said.

She lamented that Kenyan youths are brainwashed to join terror groups. “Our children now carry bombs. That is not how we brought up our children,” the former Nairobi Woman Representative said and called on county governments to be in the forefront in countering CVE. 

She said the government and community must work together to counter violent extremism.“Let us, as government, do our work and you as community do yours.”

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