How Ugandan Lawyer defrauded man of Sh4 million

Malinzi Lucey Kwesiga, Esq.

Malinzi Lucey Kwesiga, a Ugandan Lawyer who is also an advocate of the High Court of Kenya, is accused of defrauding Patrick Guy of 19,000 euros (Sh2,149,798) and $20,000 (Sh2,000,000) in the name of selling him gold.

The Lawyer was on Wednesday arraigned on charges of obtaining money by false pretence.

Milimani law courts

The lawyer, who was arrested on April 2, is said to have committed the act on diverse dates between March 8 and March 26, jointly with others not present in court.

Through his lawyer, Kwesiga asked Milimani chief magistrate Francis Andayi to be released on free bail, being a judicial officer of the same court.

He also argued that being an officer of the Judiciary, he should not be charged in court but instead be allowed to face a committee.

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In his decision, the magistrate said the lawyer is accused and will be treated as such.

“There is no such provision in the law and therefore, the accused will proceed and take a plea before this court,” Andayi said.

Kwesiga pleaded not guilty to all the charges and was released on a cash bail of Sh500,000 or a bond of Sh1 million.

The matter will be heard on May 15.

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