8 Things you should NEVER post on WhatsApp story.

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While the WhatsApp phone application indisputably remains one of the best communication invention today, it comes with a hell of a lot of darkness.

With it’s ease in exchange of videos, pictures and audio files, this fantastic new technology has become a dumping site for a lot of irrelevant border line inappropriate information.

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While many might find it amusing, the habit is fast becoming a social nuisance and you would do society a huge favour by keeping some of the things listed below to yourself.

Number one rule in enjoying social media, NOBODY CARES! Once you understand this important tidbit, everything will make much more sense to you.

Without further ado, I present to you the WhatsApp ‘No-No’s’. Unless you prefer an early grave because of social suicide.

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1. Smiling in the morgue

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Pictures are taken so that one remembers the happy moments. Why a grown up would take pictures of a dead man in a coffin, grey as ash with cotton wool in the nostrils and post in on social media beats me! Or taking pictures, smiling like a Cheshire cat, in the morgue.

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Have some respect and common decency!

2. That amputated limb…

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We all feel sad that you had to undergo an appendectomy operation, but why cross Ole Lenku’s red line by posting pictures of your gory newly stitched wound? Or the Caesarian section scar, or the freshly amputated limb.

Please save us your awkwardness. Just this once fam!

3. Those pictures of mutura

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Why take pictures of food before eating?

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Unless you are in the culinary world, or you are a 15-year-old girl in a boarding school, why take pictures of a mutura, choma or pizza before eating?

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Again, we don’t care. Unless you’re about to invite me, no one else needs to see it. You afterall don’t post the process after digesting said pizza sitting on the toilet.

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4. ‘Gory accident’ at Mlolongo

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Kenyans have the disgusting habit of taking pictures at accident scenes then posting them on WhatsApp stories.

Imagine you are about to eat lunch, only for a bloody picture of a ‘gory accident’ at Mlolongo to pop up.

Also, have you ever thought what if I was the one in the picture? No, you just think of yourself!

5. Too much 4-1-1

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Nobody is interested in seeing the mole you cut off from your stench trench. Nobody needs to know that your troublesome uncle is visiting. Nobody needs to know that your landlord has raised rent.

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Put the brakes on too much 4-1-1!

6. Leave babies in the cot

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Babies are cute yes, but only send pictures of them to whoever sired them, sired you, or your relatives. Beside your one, some of us have several.

He probably isn’t that cute Janice!

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No one in the office is interested in knowing how sharp your daughter is or the first word your son said, unless its ‘Corruption must stop in this country.’

7. These braggadocios

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Why post pictures, with caption, ‘Breakfast in bed’ yet you live in a bedsitter? It’s not like you have an option.

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Why post pictures of the sleek ka-Toyo car you bought on loan? It’s nobody’s business. Why post pictures of the ten room bungalow you are building in Rongai? Will it be a private home or a hotel?

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How does it help others when you post pictures of the Sh6,000 bill you just paid for water and coffee at some upmarket joint?

8. Pictures from the small room

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It will need a rocket scientist to find out why women go to clubs, drink, dance, and every few minutes, rush to the toilet to take pictures on the wall mirror. In the picture, you can also see a dirty mop peeking out of a dirty bucket!

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We know you’re drunk Janice, bathroom selfies just make you look 10x dumber.

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