Man retrieves father’s land 23 years later after studying law

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Justice delayed is justice denied but it has all come to an end with a Ugandan man who repossessed father’s land.

A Ugandan man, who was only six years old when his father lost his land in a legal dispute, has finally won it back 23 years later, after becoming a lawyer.

Jordan Kinyera went through 18 years of education and legal training before taking on the case.

On Monday, the High Court delivered a final judgement which ruled in his family’s favour.

Mr Kinyera told international media that the loss of the family land when he was aged six changed his life.

“I made the decision to become a lawyer later in life but much of it was inspired by events I grew up witnessing, the circumstances and frustrations my family went through during the trail and how it affected us,” Mr Kinyera said.

The lawyer added that his father is now 82 years old and can’t be productive and it is them now to use the land.

He also accepted the fact that many Ugandans loses their land because of court cases which takes decades.

“My dad was retired, so he didn’t have a lot of resources. He wasn’t earning at that time. He was desperate and there is something dehumanising about being in a desperate situation and not being able to do something about it. That is what inspired me the most.”

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