Murkomen echoes on the recent rise of depression among Kenyan Youth

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Psychologists have in the past agreed that social media bullying is dangerous for people who may not be able to manage their anger and could eventually succumb to suicide.

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Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen says high levels of depression cases which at times leads to suicide can be directly linked to social media bullying.

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The Elgeyo-Marakwet senator is not a stranger to online criticism and in the recent past, he has faced wrath from a section of Twitter users who accuse him of defending people accused of corruption-related cases.

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On his Twitter on Twitter, Murkomen could not spare his online critics, accusing them of contributing towards the high cases of depression. He also advises people to ignore those who target them on social media.

“There is an online army of evil people out to bully,insult&demean you on social media. Don’t read their comments. Don’t take them seriously. They are running away from their personal problems. Ignore the trend. They won’t take you anywhere. It’s fast forgotten. Stay cool. Avoid depression,” argues Murkomen.

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In the recent past, cases of suicide have been reported by the media with a number of them directly linked to online bullying. Cyber bullying is a crime under the Kenyan law.

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Since the advancement of technology, majority of Kenyans have always taken to social media to advance an agenda. Usually, most of them use it to condemn cases of impunity. In some few instances, some use social media to character assassinate their critics.

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