Trip to Venus: Where their eyes go first and What dements them about a beau’s physique

Male body parts women love, are one of those things that could drive women definitely crazy.

Every guy is dying to know what male body parts women love the most. Studies show that looks do matter – people instinctively make judgments rapidly based on appearances and similarly, we feel good when we get positive feedbacks and reinforcements about our own looks.


So, where do women’s eyes go first?

1. V-Lines

Maybe, this is one of the biggest turn-ons, yet this glorious muscle, the leading lines situating above the hip bones and between torsos, running downwards diagonally forming the V lines.

These sharp muscular curves become irresistible on a guy. Actually, the pelvic muscle should be one of the sexiest male body parts women love, so now who wants to go for a body with six packs or even eight-packs when it is the V lines making women go va-va-voom!

2. Jaw-Lines

With women, strong jawlines might be a weakness; however, as a man, they are what make yourself more attractive and manly.

Did you know that women are more attracted to this feature upon ovulating?

patriots sixpack GIF

The strong jaw will give the appeal of masculinity, and throw in rugged good looks.

3. Buttocks

Women like a firm, good behind as much as guys do. Some men like a small butt on a woman, and some women like a small, cute butt on men, too. Size might vary by preference, and does not seem to matter as much as shape. Of course, shape is rather important, it should have that curve.


When you hear a group of cougars joking and laughing around about the cute butt of some young guys, it might be because buttocks are among top favorite male body parts women love. A good bum has great pulling power!

4. The Wings

The wings mention to the muscles within the upper back. A man does not have to flex these attractive muscles intentionally to tease a female.


It might be the moments like when the man pulls off his jacket and you could see the muscle definition of such a wide back flexing through, making imagining about what lies underneath.

5. Flat Stomach

Women really rated a flat stomach on men. The good news is, when a woman admires the flat stomach, she might want to dip her own hand along its concave edges, and that may lead to.

sexy black and white GIF

well, you know, right?

6. Honed Hips

In recent days, the smaller a woman’s hips, the better, surprising enough, women also like holding on to the hips of their men when having sex.


They love the fact that those hips are narrow.

7. Eyes

Actually, women are not totally about defined muscles. Fact is, there are some othermale body parts women love just as much that do not have to be toned. Whilst women love strong jaw lines, soft dreamy eyes also complement the appearance of a guy well.

It is not much about the color of the eyes alone; it is also about the shape of the eyes, the eyelashes and even the creases near the corner of those eyes. These features of the “windows to the soul” are something that women find attractive.


In reality, eyes are one of the first things that people notice when first communicate with each other. And, if a guy has beautiful eyes, he might be irresistible.

8. Lips

This is one of the most gorgeous and erogenous male body parts women love. Therefore, it is no surprise that guys are not the only creatures who love the pucker-ups. Moreover, it is so sexy when a guy bites his lips.


Some females favor thick full lips whilst other like it thin. So, what you your favorite?

9. Bulging Biceps

Well-defined, big biceps do not just signify strength, also they uncover that the man is taking good care of his body. And, if there is one sure thing that women love, it is a guy who can take care of things.


Women love bulging biceps when they could get a hint of a guy’s biceps via his sweater or as he puts on a fit T-shirt and they could see the start of the rippling muscle.

10. Chiseled Chest

Men love a great pair of boobs – both real and fake. As long as they look good, men will not complain. So, for women, they also have the same requirements.


Such perfect pecs might be part of the whole image women conjure up in their own fantasy-filled daydreams. The majority of women said that they love being able to figure out and imagine how the chest of a guy looks like under his clothes.


The manner a sweater or chemise fall on the body of a guy reveals so much about what lies underneath.

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