Proven Way To Tighten Your V*gina Without Using Creams

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A well-kept vagina not only brings joy to the male partner but also boosts the confidence and self-esteem of a woman. Every woman out there is looking forward to having a healthy tight pussy, if not for a man, then for healthy puposes.

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The size of your vagina—whether it’s been widened thanks to childbirth or a partner with a large penis—isn’t something that necessarily remains the same your entire life. although it may not come back to 100% as it was before childbirth, don’t worry, few kegel exercises will bring you back to 100% normal.

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Now that business people are not interested in solving problems today. they focus on making money thus selling substandard products that cause more harm than benefit.

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I listened to one Dr. Kibe Warning women over using vagina tightening products/chemicals which have long term effects.

Dr. kibe also warned girls from listening to many theories on vagina tightening! just like you, I thought of “virginity soap’ locally sold in retail stores!

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“Most men like it when a woman’s vagina is well-lubricated. Putting chemicals such as certain lotions, lemon juices, unprescribed soaps in the genitals [in a bid to tighten the vagina], affects the pH level, leaving a woman exposed to conditions such chronic inflammation, which won’t heal for a very long time,” said Dr Kibe.

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Vagina Tightening Products

Dr. Amira advised women to embrace KEGEL EXERCISE which, she says, firms the vaginal muscles and, as a result, give an illusion of “tightness” during intimacy.

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Kegel exercises (also called “pelvic floor exercises”) strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and Vagina muscles. Pelvic muscles support your uterus, bladder, small intestine, and rectum.

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Kegels don’t just help keep them “fit” — they can help you avoid embarrassing accidents, like bladder leakage and passing gas and — or even stool — by accident. They can even improve your orgasms.

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How to do Kegel Exercises

Most people are by default scared when the word exercise is mentioned. It is undeniably understood that exercising is not easy but you know what? Kegel exercises are done while sitting or just lying and you will not sweat it out. In fact, they have a tickling effect on your vagina and you just enjoy.

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Here are few steps on how to do kegel exercise

1.Sit on the toilet and try to pee. 

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Once urine starts to flow, squeeze your muscles to hold it in. You should feel the muscles inside your vagina “lift.” You just did one Kegel. Relax the muscle and do it again.

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But don’t get into the habit of doing them while you pee. You can actually cause other problems, like urinary tract infections. so you can always imagine you are peeing and squeeze the muscles often.

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Do Kegels from anywhere

This is something you can do anywhere, be it in a matatu, in the living room, at the bathroom, in the one will know

2. Start slowly. 

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Try squeezing your pelvic floor muscles for 3 seconds, then release for 3 seconds. Do this 10 times in a row. That’s one set. If you can’t do 10, do as many as you can and build up over time. Try to work up to one set of 10 Kegels two to three times a day.

Are there side effects?

Kegels aren’t harmful in any way. In fact, you can make them a part of your daily routine. Do them while you’re brushing your teeth, driving to work, eating dinner, or watching TV.

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How Long Before I See Results?

Most women who do Kegels regularly see results within a few weeks or months. so within 3 weeks, your “butterfly” will be tighter. your pelvic mucles will be strong and you will be able to hold urine for long

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