How Uhuru’s security detail bosses wrecked cop’s life

Details have emerged on how senior President Kenyatta’s security detail officers wrecked the life of a police officer.

The officers are said to have suspended a highly-rained Recce squad officer who had overstayed his leave to attend to his sickly wife and a two-year-old daughter.

Throat Cancer

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Nicholas Langat’s wife was to later die of throat cancer the same year, leaving him with the daughter and their old parents to take care of.

Irate bosses from the presidential escort went ahead to suspend the troubled officer despite his obvious circumstances.

He plunged head-long into drinking forcing probable chances at the service to slip through his fingers as the bosses in Nairobi gladly found his replacement.

Depressing Suspension letter

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According to Mr Langat, he was only given a suspension letter which was sent to Ainamoi Police Station in Kericho County, which is rural home.

The suspension meant that was not dismissed and that he remained a police officer and could therefore not be employed anywhere else.

Two-year addictive stint

He said after taking alcohol for two years, he became an addict and now had to do menial odd jobs to sustain his drinking habit.

He did jobs like digging pit latrines and crashing stones at the quarry to cater for his drinking and also look after his daughter and his aged parents.

Work again

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Speaking to the a reporter, Mr Langat said alcohol has destroyed his life and is now willing to live a normal life and possibly get back his job.

“I have gone through hell due to drinking and I feel that I’m tired of this life. I would love to go back to my normal life and get back my job if possible,” he said.

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