Tanasha Defends Diamond Amidst Cheating Claims

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Kipendacho roho ni dawa, the newst lady in Diamond Platnumz life has finally spoken out about her financeé cheating rumor.

The rumor was sparked after Lynn shared a photo with a background of Diamond’s alleged bed, just hours after Tanasha posted an image of herself with a similar background.

In her rejoinder, Tanasha urged her followers not to believe everything they read.

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While responding to fan’s question on her comments section regarding the matter, Tanasha pointed out that the bed in question is not so rare.

“Do you have an explanation for the bed pictures Lynn posted? We are curious,” an instagram user posed.

“Check out @danubehometz_ for a bed just like that one. They’re super comfy so people love to buy them,” responded Tanasha.

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