Why Jorginho May Not Shine After Sarri’s Exit at Chelsea

Jorge Luiz Frello Filho, who is famously known as Jorginho in the football world has been considered as a product of Maurizzio Sarri and is believed not to be able to play well under any other manager.

After almost dethroning Juventus from their successive Scudettos in the Italian Serie A, Maurizio Sarri took on a new adventure at one of the most volatile homes of football – Chelsea Football Club.

With him, he brought his commanding general, Jorginho. The Brazil-born Italian international was revealed as a Chelsea player less than 24 hours after Sarri was appointed as head coach at Chelsea.

The world is aware that Chelsea almost lost Jorginho to Manchester City last summer, with Pep Guardiola in awe of the player and probably the whole Napoli 2017-18 team, having called them the best-attacking team in Europe under Maurizio Sarri.

Chelsea definitely hijacked the deal between Manchester City and Jorginho by successfully roping in the midfielder’s mentor in the managerial position, and that was key to Jorginho deciding between both English clubs.

It is an interesting situation that Jorginho has faced criticism for much of the season from both the Chelsea fans and pundits, despite being one of the best players this season, statistically.

Upon his arrival at the club, it did not take the Italian more than 7 games to create history in the Premier League by recording the most number of passes in a single match by a player. He also opened his scoring account in the very first game of the season.

Since then Chelsea’s overall performance as a team has been so poor throughout the season. Notwithstanding some rare exceptional performances, Jorginho’s presence and importance has faded over time, and fans have turned their backs on the ex-Napoli playmaker.

Some would argue that what Jorginho has done the whole season so far is exactly similar to what Sergio Busquets has been doing at FC Barcelona for almost a decade now, and what Fernandinho has been doing at Manchester City for the last few seasons.

The only factor differentiating the three players is that the latter two have been in teams which have performed extremely well and won titles with immediate effect.

The complacent Chelsea season might just be undermining another world-class midfielder at Stamford Bridge.

There is still doubt over whether Jorginho can play under a different manager long term.

Many would argue that the midfielder performs better in the Italian national team under a different coach and a different setup, but the international games are just a few games which are played once in 2 months, so that does not authenticate the prowess of the player.

One thing is definitely a surety – if Chelsea is to sack Maurizio Sarri, a new manager would mean Jorginho potentially loses his place in the first team.

For the time being, fans can only pray for a better next season, where Sarri can bring out a Napoliesque Chelsea side which even a manager of Pep Guardiola’s quality would fear. And in such a system, Jorginho would be able to showcase why he is worth the €57 million, the Blues paid for him.

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