What Happens When Someone Dies During a Flight?

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On instances of death or an emergency situation the first thing the flight attendance does is to rescue the situation and announce whether there is a doctor,nurse or any other medical professional on board.

After the flight crew and any medical personnel on board exhaust efforts to revive a passenger, the next step is to put the body somewhere where it’s not blocking exits or causing undue stress to other passengers.

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Many airlines have common travel regulations and encase of death the flight ins’t diverted to handle the passenger who has died.

Flight attendants are trained to deal with the situation if it arises – and will know what to do with a body if someone passes away .

There usually isn’t an announcement in order to ensure that passengers remain calm during the remainder of the flight.

If the flight isn’t full, a body will be put in a row toward the back of the plane and covered with a blanket or other clothing.

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If there are seats available in first class, it may be put there also. But if the flight is full, the airline usually keeps a body bag on board and the deceased is put into the bag and laid out in the rear galley.

The only place a body isn’t put is in a lavatory because it can be hard to remove after rigor mortis sets in.

Once the flight has landed, passengers are released to leave the aircraft and once the plane is clear, the proper medical personnel come aboard and remove the body.

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If the person was traveling alone, the airline will call the next of kin and inform them of what happened on the flight. 

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