Heartbreaking! Woman’s Moving Message to 3-Year-Old Daughter and Father Before giving in to depression by Suicide

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A mother of one, by the name Millicent ‘Millie’ Kithinji committed suicide on Thursday after writing a heart-wrenching message to her daughter and father.

On Facebook, she had asked her daughter to forgive her before killing herself.

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“My love…words are hard to form a perfect clause to express the love I have for you. I have fought the battle but seems like I am being defeated,” Millie wrote.

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I only pray that God may give you guidance, love and comfort. Mom still loves you and will always love you. Kindly do forgive me,” she added.

Following a Facebook post she sent to her friend, Millie was struggling to get a job despite having a Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management.

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“I did a Dip in purchasing and supplies. I know it is hard to get employment as a procurement officer, but if I can get jobs such as store clerk, receptionist, a waitress, sales representative, and cashier at a supermarket or a shop, I think I can do my best because I have suffered a lot,” she had stated before her death.

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“For now, I am not choosy when it comes to jobs as long as it will pay me,” she added.

Ms Kithinji added she had been married to a man who was running a clinic at Muthiga but life changed when his business run low.

“Still, life became worse and I had to take my girl to a day-care and would walk all day into Nairobi CBD and Westlands looking for a job,” part of her post read.

Millicent also wrote a note to his father asking for forgiveness.

“Dad, I am sorry, but I am not able to break the news that I am about to commit suicide. I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me,” read Ms Mwriki’s Facebook post at 3:20pm.

She was found by her father hanging from a rope tied to the rafters of their storehouse in Gaturi village.

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