This Is How To Keep Your Road Trips Interesting Until Your Destination And Back

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Travelling is a fun thing to do but can be tiresome even to people considered to be the ‘life of the party’. It all starts well, all energy and flamboyance but as the journey progresses it becomes more tiresome.

To curb this boredom, one can some activities engaging everyone in a car. Apart from listening to music and reading books, here are other activities such as games which can keep one busy when travelling.

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1. 20 questions

This sounds like an easy game but it requires you to think.

One player chooses a noun and tells the other players whether it’s a person, thing or place. 

The participants then start asking questions about the noun and the first person to guess the correct answer wins.

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2. Grocery list

This game requires participants to name different items found in a grocery store.

However, the naming of the grocery items has to be done alphabetically.

When the first player names something like avocados, the second player is required to repeat the name and state another item that starts with letter ‘B’, let say berries. Each participant is required to remember the items that were named by the players ahead of him/ her until all the letters of the alphabet are covered.

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3. Story chain

This is another game that helps people to be creative.

In this game, the first person starts a story such as; ‘once upon a time there was a queen”, the second player takes it from there and adds a sentence and so on. All players are required to contribute in order to create an entire story.

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