Sad..Kenyan Girl who After Leaving Note On Facebook Commits Suicide.

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A facebook user has left many in shock after committing suicide days after writing what seemed like a suicide note.

Taking to social media Millicent Kithinji wrote a note dedicated to her daughter.

Millicent Kithinji
Millicent Kithinji

Her case is not the first.Last year ,an actor fron Nyahururu cried for help on Social media and was later founfd dead after hanging himself.

Millicent’s sudden demise has left her followers in rage and anger.Alot are also very sad.

Av always told you that I have fought even physically to be where I am today..n u promised the same..but why did you lose it???..why did you get defeated???
You know I intervened but I was shut off ARROGANTLY that I also am a stranger in the family and I should keep off..
They pushed u to this..they will NEVER EVER have peace..
You went too soon..too young dea

But I know u r in peace now..
Rest well..

Next time a friend hints that he is going through a rough patch please be the shoulder he/she asks

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