Prof Makau Mutua slammed for his tribal remarks on DP Ruto

DP William Ruto

US-based Kenyan born lawyer Prof Makau Mutua has on Wednesday launched a scathing attack against Deputy William Ruto over ‘our people are targeted’ slogan.

Kipchumba Murkomen

This is in the wake of Judicial Service Commission, JSC proposed tribunal to probe Justice Jackton B Ojwang over corruption allegations.

The Jubilee government critic took on his Twitter handle where he opined thatĀ  senator Kipchumba Murkomen and the able DP William Ruto would be screaming the usual anthem of ‘our people’ if Ojwang’ was a Kalenjin.

Earlier, politicians allied to DP William Ruto complained that the anti corruption agencies were working to ‘kill’ DP Ruto’s political ambitions by axing him and those close to him.

However, KOT did not treat this tweet lightly and below are the jabs Prof Makau had to contend with.

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