Natural Birth Control Methods you Never Knew Existed!

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For many people and governments around the world today, population control is one of the key methods to ensure that natural resources found in the country are enough for their citizens.

Many people still find the modern methods of birth control as challenging and sometimes can prove to be hectic process for some.

Natural birth control is a method of controlling pregnancy without the use of medications or physical devices. These concepts are based on awareness and observations about a woman’s body and menstrual cycle.

Some of the natural methods include;


The risk of pregnancy is 1 in 50 for women who:

  • gave birth less than 6 months ago
  • are breastfeeding exclusively (no formula, no solid food, only breast milk)
  • haven’t had her period since giving birth

This is sometimes referred to as lactational infertility.

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Basal body temperature

This method involves observing a woman’s temperature every morning. Because a woman’s temperature drops about 1°F 12 to 24 hours before her ovary releases an egg, this indicates a period of high fertility.

You should abstain from intercourse during this time if you’re avoiding pregnancy. This period lasts from temperature drop until 48 to 72 hours after it returns to normal.

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Herbs for Natural Control

Advocates of natural healing suggest that herbs can be effective at preventing pregnancy. Some believe that these herbs are preferable to chemical-based agents, synthetic hormones, and other popular methods of birth control.

Natural healers commonly suggest, along with herbal supplements, the use of a natural barrier such as a lambskin

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