How Bernd Leno Has Become Arsenal’s Unsung Hero!

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Unai Emery’s first season has been the staging ground for a number of Arsenal men.

Matteo Guendouzi, for example, has emerged as quite the shrewd signing after his move from Ligue 2, whilst even players like Granit Xhaka have finally been able to find their feet under the new manager.

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Credit is certainly deserved at the Emirates, not only for the team as a whole, but for the fine individual form that so many Gunners are showing, and that’s exactly what a number of Arsenal fans have offered to another very talented Gunner.

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Specifically, lots of Arsenal fans have taken to Reddit to discuss Bernd Leno, who has made a good start to life at Arsenal. After a tough start in the Premier League, he’s quietly gone about his business and he’s been very solid throughout his time at the club.

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In many ways, he’s been a bit of an unsung hero for Arsenal. He hasn’t got much credit, but for a goalkeeper, that’s rightly seen as a compliment. The less said about him the better.

Loads of Arsenal fans, however, have taken some time to praise their goalkeeper, and many are being very complimentary indeed.

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