Revealed:Kenyan Ladies,That ‘Perfect Butt’ Will Kill You!!!

Butt Surgery

Beauty products are launched day and night in Kenya, all trying to outdo each other to give women that perfect look when stepping out. With social media giving people the opportunity to show the world what they are up to, many women feel pressured to constantly look good or better than other women in the room.

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Butt augmentation has turned out as the most popular surgery for women seeking the perfect body shape. The procedure involves taking fat from an unwanted part of the body and injecting it into the buttocks. 
The procedure is one of the most dangerous in the world that could cause death if not done well.

Paul Nassif and Dr Dubrow from the Botched.  They shared harrowing details about the dangers and effects of butt augmentations. 

Consequently, many result to different procedures, including plastic surgeries.

A Perfect butt that most girls want to have

The cosmetics and beauty industry might be cashing in big on products that leave women feeling and looking good, but one of the not so glamorous aspects of it all is the impact it has on thousands of women around the world.

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Kenya is no stranger to plastic surgery and butt augmentation is no different. Many celebrities including the very confident Socialite, Vera Sidika have come out to talk about her cosmetic surgeries after suffering from depression due to her post-partum body.

Vera Sidika

For the many who cannot afford the procedure, using butt enlargement creams and taking in pills have become very popular alternative putting lives at a higher risk with products that have not been recommended by health authorities. 

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