Love in the air! KabiwaJesus celebrates engagement anniversary with his lovely wife

KabiwaJesus is today celebrating 2 years of the engagement anniversary with his lovely wife Milly.

The Celebrity couple have today exchanged love notes online as part of the celebrations.

The couple is indeed a perfect description of the goals that any love birds would have for their relationship.

Milly says : Two years ago I said yes to the most amazing story of my life. I said yes to Kabi WaJesus , I said yes to Love, yes to marriage and yes forever. What I dint know is that this man would turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to me after my salvation, that the memories we create would be the best of my life that we would grow to inspire through “The WaJesus Family” 
Thank you for asking me to marry you  Kabiwajesus even today I would still say YEEEEEEEES 💕💕💕🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰  To many more.

KabiWaJesus says: How do I say thank you Jesus for this far, how do I tell you how much I love you @millywajesus how can I Express my joy. Two years ago I went down on one knee and asked the most amazing lady to marry me. Its taught me not to be afraid when you have Jesus by your side. Did this without knowing exactly how marriage will be but look at Jesus now we almost hitting 2 years. I pray that you find love first in Jesus, in yourself and in the person God has for you.

What is your wish for the couple?

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