“Zii!Not Paying To Attend Your Wedding!!”-Cousin Tells Bride.

Angered Bride

Imagine demanding cash from your Guests so that they can attend a wedding!A family member of a disgruntled bride-to-be who hit the headlines for calling off her wedding after guests refused to pay Ksh.150,000 each to attend, has admitted she does have ‘entitlement issues’, but insists she’s normally not this obnoxious.

The Canadian bride, who is known only as ‘Susan’, blamed her family and friends for the breakdown of her relationship with her childhood sweetheart, who she was due to marry in a lavish $CAD 60,000 ($46,020) -wedding.

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Now an unnamed cousin has taken to Facebook to explain more about Susan’s background, insisting she comes from humble beginnings and worked on her parents’ farm from a young age, before more recently developing an obsession with ‘Kardashian stuff’.

And it’s not the first time she’s tried to get her loved ones to fund her lifestyle, demanding an $CAD 2,000 ($1,500) ‘royal baby carriage’ as a gift for her baby shower.

She pointed out that the Facebook status was only up for 15 minutes before it was deleted, even speculating that the angry bride had been ‘drinking while writing’ it.

 The woman, who originally posted The Bride-to-be status in a wedding shaming group on Facebook, said that the outburst came as a shock to even those who know Susan best.

The poster revealed that she ‘sadly shares a small percentage of DNA’ with her, before expressing her relief that she ‘doesn’t have to see her more than once a year’. However, despite the cousin’s feelings about her relative, she notes that nothing could have prepared Susan’s family for what was to come.

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The cousin went on to say that she believes Susan needs to take time to ‘evaluate herself and her life’, adding that she ‘hopes for her healing and recovery because she wasn’t raised to be like this’. However, the cousin does not believe that this period of self-reflection will take place in South America as Susan suggested.

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