Meet the believers ganging up against Linus Kaikai in Pastor Ng’ang’a’s defense

Following the arrest of the Neno Evangelism ministries pastor James Ng’ang’a, some believers have staunchly defended the preacher while rallying against the Citizen TV Director Linus Kaikai.

This is as some of the believers came out to ask Kaikai to repent.

According to blog site, Biggest Kaka, one Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi of the Imperial City Churh strongly believes that Linus Kaikai is possessed by demons and needs deliverance as he issued his official statement on the matter.

“There’s something people like Linus KaiKai don’t understand and I’ll make it very simple. You cannot blame everyone for the mistakes of a few. Yes the church has some questionable fellows but so do politics and every organization that involves humans..while I agree that pastors should adhere to the general law of the land, I am opposed to the fact that laws should be SPECIFICALLY made to target pastors and make it difficult for them to preach or for Christians to practice their “religion”. It clearly indicates that there is a demonic agenda being sponsored,” the prophet said.

Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi is the leader of Imperial City Church which has branches in over 9 countries internationally
Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi

“In conclusion Linus KaiKai is possessed by demons and needs deliverance,” Sovi added.

The chaos come after Linus Kaikai, on the show News Gang hit out at pastors and preachers in the country, saying that there is a need to regulate them by ensuring that each pastor has a degree in theology.

This was then followed by a comeback by renowned pastor James Ng’ang’a, who was on Monday morning arrested for his video that was regarded to be a threat directed at the TV Director.

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