How Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a Changed the Life of Her Ex-Wife From Paradise to Hell

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Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a has been making headlines for the better part of last week following his unwarranted threats to TV Journalist Linus Kaikai.

Pastor Ng’ang’a had threatened Mr. Kaikai with dire consequences following his(Linus Kaikai) remarks that the government should move with speed and deal with con men of God.

An angry Ng’ang’a would then hit back at Linus with a series of threats that saw him get arrested on Sunday.

This is not the first time that the man of cloth is being embroiled in controversies.

It will be remembered that sometime back in 2015, Nga’ang’a and his enstranged wife had an ugly confrontation in court after the pastor was used for child support.

Loise Murugi Maina was seeking Sh535,000 monthly in child upkeep for their then one-year-old daughter.


Mrs Murugi and Pastor Nganga were married on June 30, 2012. Murugi said that her life changed from Paradise to hell after marrying the flamboyant Pastor.

“In church, I took the position of an apostle’s wife, helping him with the service and managing church affairs. It is at this time that I started to experience a change in his attitude towards me.”

She claimed that she was surprised when she found out who the real Ng’ang’a was.

“He was a drunkard and very abusive towards me, to the extent of insulting my parents. I also later learnt that he was adulterous, sleeping with staff and even bringing married women to our matrimonial bed,” Murugi claimed in court documents.

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She took issue with the pastor’s alleged behaviour of texting and calling other women while in the house, which she claims caused her emotional pain. In addition, she alleged that whenever she confronted Ng’ang’a with her concerns, he would become very hostile and occasionally threaten her. She claimed that the pastor would later try to calm her by apologising and blaming his behaviour and attitude on alcohol and the devil.

“We would then pray together and I trusted that things would change,” Murugi adds.

According to Murugi, the marriage nosedived when they were traveling to China for her sister’s graduation. Ng’ang’a allegedly started insulting her on the plane, and later on abandoned her and her mother at the airport.

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