Exorcist-Cum-Chief General Commander Pastor James Nga’ang’a Should Prepare His Beddings For Hell

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There’s no other country I’d rather live in than Kenya. Seriously!

In which other country will you find a self proclaimed exorcist-cum-Chief General Commander, whatever that means ,cum pastor, threaten a journalist with unspecified “kwensekweses” – for calling out rogue pastors who are milking their congregants dry in this heat with fake promises, while at the same time amassing obscene wealth? This is Kenya!

Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism last week came under fire – again with this pastor? – for the video he released targeting Citizen TV’s Linus Kaikai.

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In the clip, the 66-year-old pastor, dressed in his Chief General Commander uniform and rap-video gold chains, explains that one “does not need a degree to go to heaven” and swanked that he’s illiterate yet he started a church.

The video was a response to Kaikai, who had asked the government to ensure that all pastors have a degree in Theology, much to the chagrin of Pastor Ng’ang’a, because “a degree will not help you get through the gates of heaven.” The backlash from social media was swift and harsh.

My question, though, is this: why are people picking on Pastor Ng’ang’a? Is it that they are jealous because he has a fleet of top of the range – pun so intended – vehicles and is building a 20-storey Neno Towers, or is it that those who are criticising him just don’t know what “kwensekweses” he’s capable of delivering?

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We all have to be in awe of Pastor Chief General Commander here! I mean, he’s an illiterate man who reads the bible to his congregation and writes sermons, albeit, in English that only he can understand! If that is not a miracle, what is? What other kind of pastors are you looking for? Didn’t we all see this blinged out man of God drive demons from a Tanzanian singer?

This is a man who should be in Kenya’s history books! How can you not respect, honour, fete and or revere a man who knows which people will be allowed to enter heaven? Pastor Ng’ang’a is the ONLY man to have achieved self-actualisation in the world! I mean, he won’t even go back to school because there’s nothing to learn at his age! In the video, he asks what the problem is with a pastor driving a high-end vehicle.

In fact, Ng’ang’a should run for political office and continue his practice of replying to questions and accusations that have not been leveled against him aka kimbelembele.

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