5 Multi-million Properties owned by crooked Pastor James Nganga

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Apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a of the Neno Evangelism Church is among famous preachers in Nairobi.

Despite the controversies that surround him, Nga’ng’a commands a huge following of city dwellers including those from Kibera.

The city preacher has several times found himself in the wrong arms of the law and dragged to court and even prison.

Ng’ang’a is now fighting a case in court where the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji wants him and others charged afresh over dangerous driving that resulted to death of a woman in Limuru in 2015.

In April, the court had acquitted the city pastor and others but the DPP wants them charged afresh saying he has enough evidence.

Despite the controversies surrounding Pastor Ng’ang’a, the preacher boasts as among wealthiest men of God in Nairobi.

Here is expensive property the city preacher allegedly owns.

1. Car selling business 

Pastor Nga’ng’a is said to own a second-hand car selling business in Nairobi.

The pastor has publicly said that he started selling second-hand cars that helped build his church in Nairobi.

2. Sunny-Hill hotel

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Pastor Ng’ang’a allegedly owns the multi-million luxurious hotel located along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

3. Multi-million palatial home


Pastor Ng’ang’a allegedly owns a multi-million palatial home in Karen.

The multi-million residential home is located along the Kipevu road in Karen.

In 2015, armed thugs allegedly broke into the home and stole Sh500, 000 and other valuables.

Pastor Ng’ang’a also owns other residential homes in some areas across the country.

4. Neno Evangelism Church

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He is the founder and owner of the church.

Apostle Ng’ang’a founded the church in 1992.

The church is estimated to have invested in property worth Sh10 Million.

5. Top of range vehicles 

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The Apostle allegedly owns several top of range vehicles. 

In 2015, one of Apostle Nga’ng’a range rover was involved in an accident along the Nairobi- Nakuru highway killing a woman.

Pastor Nga’ng’a has often hit out at his critics who he accuses of maligning his name through propaganda.

The city based pastor says that his mission is to preach the gospel and save sinful souls before the second coming of Christ.

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