“Waititu is Inhuman..”Parking Attendant Cries..

Parking attendant,John Mwinga

A parking attendant at the All Saints Cathedral on Valley Road, has narrated how a car belonging to Kiambu Governor allegedly hit him, crushing his left foot.

John Mwinga says that on that fateful day on February 28, The Kiambu Governor was attending funeral arrangements for Murang’a Senator’s mother with other dignitaries at the church.

According to reports, Waititu’s cars approached the entrance flashing lights to be cleared in a hurry and did not want to observe parking rules set in the church compound.

H.E. Waititu BabaYao
Kiambu Governor,Ferdinand Waititu

A brief commotion ensued and that is when John,the attendant felt obliged to intervene.

He further said that what he went through was horrible and that he could have possibly been killed in the incident.He revealed that he was insulted and then the driver ran him over.

Mwinga was later rushed to Shalom Hospital where it was confirmed that he had sustained a fracture on his left foot.

In a recorded conversation partly captured by the church’s CCTV cameras, Waititu was captured dismissing Mwinga’s allegations, claiming that his shoe was just ‘scratched’ and that his foot was barely touched.

Parking attendant John Mwinga who is now in crutches wants Justice since The county government of Kiambu has not responded anything concerning the matter..

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